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Who and Why

We are Giles Barron (Assistant Director) & Charlotte Michel (Co-ordinator) and we have both worked in the Film & TV industry for over 10 years.

Over the years we have witnessed the vast amount of waste at the end of a shooting day and we thought we would try and do our bit for the planet and come up with a way to try and stop this.

We have spent many hours researching the best manufacturers and suppliers around the world and we are creating a portfolio of products which we believe in, and ones which want to sell at affordable prices, so everyone can change the way they think and make that step to being a eco-conscious and sustainable company.

Oh, and our website is pink as this is the colour of the flowers of a sugarcane plant!


We will offer a tailor-made, personalised service to all of our customers. We want to become friends with all of customers and we will work with you to create bespoke packaging solutions for your company.


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We will continue to work hard to source new products and solutions to keep up with the ever changing customer demands and needs. 

We pledge to off-set our carbon, only use eco-friendly products ourselves and continuously learn about our environment.

We have some very exciting projects we are working on where we are creating plastic free/waste free solutions for all departments in the film industry. We are also working on an idea which we will make it quick and easy to educate consumers on how to dispose of our packaging in the right way. Watch this space...



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